Pioneer expands European Blu-ray line-up



I just posted the article Pioneer expands European Blu-ray line-up.

After introducing a new line of Blu-ray players in the US in March, Pioneer now refreshes its European line-up. Four new Blu-ray players will soon be available in the United Kingdom and offer 1080p…

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Dang! I wish I lived in Europe. In addition to being so much more socially-responsible, Muslim-friendly and having just plain more socialistic, nanny-state governments than the US, they get all the cool new, over-priced, over-valued, self-important Blue-Ray products!


"The main problem with Blu-ray is the high price for a less than complete product, so-called Profile 1.1. " Honestly, who are expecting eagerly for BD-Live (or the web enabled content for HDDVD)? I have few BD and HDDVD disc with BD-Live/PiP/Web-enabled content but noone not even the kids care about its feature. Yeah that’s including Profile 1.1 PiP. Maybe if PiP and BD-Live are made more attractive, dunno but how many titles with BD-Live anyways? less than 10 eh?