Pioneer Europe announces the DVR-110 SuperMulti DVD writer



I just posted the article Pioneer Europe announces the DVR-110 SuperMulti DVD writer.

Two new internal
DVD-R/RW Writer models, ‘SuperMulti’ and ‘Dual’ Format Drives

The DVR-110 ‘SuperMulti’ drive and
the DVR-110D ‘Dual’ format drive include a wide range of…

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“write speed for DVD-RAM is an industry-leading 5X” Hmm, that might be just a slight stretch. :wink:


Aeah, DVD-RAM :slight_smile: If that drive came earlier I don´t had bought the 1640 :stuck_out_tongue:


the question on my lips: will Pioneer ship the required (Matsushita) UDF DVD-RAM driver to allow WRITING the DVD-RAM discs in the native DVD UDF format? Or will users only be able to drag-n-drop in FAT on Windows? In other news, the claim that Pioneer “invented DVD-R” is a bit of a stretch, considering DVD itself is a group effort…