Pioneer DVRTS08

Hi guys !
Ive just invested in an I-Mac and the burner is a Pioneer DVRTS08. Ive been looking around in this forum for this burner and on the internet for a firmware, so I might upgrade this drive with a hacked FW, but I can´t find anything about it.
Anyone that can help me ?
ivol !

@ ivol,

Concerning LapTop/NoteBook Computers Optical Drives Firmware – Firmware for LapTop/NoteBook Optical Drives needs to come directly from the LapTop/NoteBook Manufacture. Until Apple iMac releases an Apple iMac DVR-TS08 Firmware there will not be a possibility of a Modified (not ‘Hacked’) Firmware for your Apple iMac DVR-TS08 Optical Drive.


thanks :wink:


I’ve just bought a mac mini too, with Pioneer DVR-TS08 inside. Checking Pioneer website show that TS-08 is capable of DVD-RAM burning, but mine isn’t. So it seems that Apple firmware for TS08 drive lack dvd-ram abilities…

Is there any way to flash m drive with “normal” Pioneer firmware ? Can a DVR-TS08 owner make a dump of it’s drive firmware so I could flash my drive… ?

Thanks for any answer :wink:

Is this Pioneer unknown, or avoided by “slim drive buyers” ?

Enthusiasm for the slim line drives is, pardon the pun, slim to non-existent. People (as far as this forum goes) very infrequently deal with slim drives as far as crossflashing & other tweaking go. You may well be out of luck, unfortunately, unless you can (once again, excuse the pun) pioneer the way & see if you can make any headway alone with the small amount of resources currently at your fingertips.

“Normal Pioneer” firmware is not suitable for those drives and even n/a.