HELP :bow: .I have just taken off a recording from the harddrive to a DVD-R disc,I had forgotten to finalize the disc and attempted to play the disc on my Playstation 2 and my laptop dvd rom,since this i have not been alble to get any sound out of the to devices,both devices show they are unmuted.Can anyone help? :confused:

How long were the disks left in the drive??? I don’t believe that an unfinalised disk would do any mechanical damage to a drive except, in the rare situation that the disk was left in a spinning drive for hours. Most drives stop themselves protectively after a time when attempting to read a blank disk anyway.

I have no clue what the real problem sh(w)ould be here, honestly…

THANKS CHEF,will try the fix :smiley:

dvd was not in drives for less then a minute?

You should describe the problem better if you really expect help from others…

:confused: Have checked the bios and drivers on the laptop and everything is showing ok,sorry about how i come across to you as i am a newbie at this. :o