Pioneer DVR212 or DVR115DBK?



Hey all, I’m on the verge of getting a DVD burner and the choice has pretty much come down to either a DVR-212 or a DVR-115DBK.

Anybody willing to share some comments/opinions/stories etc. on which is better?

I’ve read some reviews and it seems both are good. Both of them are about the same price so it’s not going to come down to which is cheaper. I’m also stuck on whether to go with IDE or SATA, which might be my deciding factor.

Can somebody comment on which has the overall higher quality CD/DVD burns, or are they roughly the same? And how good are they with reading CD/DVD media?

Specs-wise, they’re almost the same, save for 212 can read/write DVD-RAM and 115DBK can only read (which doesn’t seem to be a biggie for me). 115DBK has 20x DVD+/-R whilst the 212 is only 18x. And according to Pioneer’s website the 212 can’t write CDDA/Text/etc unlike the 115DBK. What’s the difference between being a Dual-Format and Multi-Format drive?



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Getting a sata dvd burner vs ide would depend on the motherboard that you have. Not all motherboard sata chipset controllers are compatible with sata dvd burners. Intel chipset controllers ich7, ich8 and ich9 will work with sata dvd burners. But if you have a via chipset controller you’ll have to purchase a pci sata controller card with the silicon image 3112, 3114 or 3512 chipset in order for the sata dvd burner to work correctly. Nvidia chipset controllers will also work but you’ll have to use the latest chipset controller drivers from the Nvidia website. Also within the motherboard bios you’ll need to disable raid and set sata to ide. Jmicron chipsets may not work as well but I did read a few months ago the latest Jmicron chipsets were ok.

Getting a ide dvd burner like the 115 is also a good choice as well if you have enough ide connections on your motherboard. Most newer motherboards only have 1 ide connection. Use a 80 pin ide cable with the 115 drive and set to master. The 212 and 115 are both good drives. Choose one that will fit your needs according to your motherboard. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response, DVD_Addict.

It’s an nForce 4 SLi chipset mobo, so I presume it should do the trick. Motherboard still doesn’t seem to be a deciding factor though. I’ve got 4 spare SATA connectors and currently have 2 optical drives occupying the 2 IDE connectors. Since I’m replacing, I can just kick one of the optical drives out if need be. So I can pretty much go both IDE or SATA but just can’t decide which.


Nforce mobo’s will matter if you’re not using the latest chipset controller drivers from Nvidia website. Using just the drivers from your mobo cd may not work especially if your mobo is a older model. As long as you disable raid in the mobo bios and set sata to ide you shouldn’t have problems using a sata dvd burner. Also I forgot to mention disable ahci in your mobo bios as well. Do a search via google regarding sata dvd burner compatibility issues with motherboards and you see problems do exist. This is a known factor here at regarding sata dvd burners. :wink:


@ Kniteshade,

If you are considering a SATA Drive then I would recommend the newer more current Pioneer DVR-215D instead of the older Pioneer DVR-212D.

Also suggest reviewing the Forum Posting titled “How To: Crossflash 215D to 215” ( for information on how to Flash a Pioneer DVR-215D to Pioneer DVR-S15J which provides DVD-RAM Read/Write with LabelFlash.

If you find that a SATA Drive interface will not work with your particular MotherBoard then I would recommend the Pioneer DVR-115D Drive and also suggest reviewing the Forum Posting titled “Pioneer DVR-115D CrossFlashed to DVR-A15-J (DVR-115L)” ( which provides information on how to Flash a Pioneer DVR-115D to a Pioneer DVR-A15-J (DVR-115L) which provides DVR-RAM Read/Write with LabelFlash.



@DVD_Addict: Well, SATA HDDs seem to work fine with the whole plug and play biz on my mobo. Thanks for the tip nonetheless. I decided to take the SATA route and will be getting the DVR-212 soon. SATA will eventually be the everyday thing and IDE will eventually become extinct, it’s always better to futureproof yourself when purchasing gadgetry.

@bjkg: Thanks for the tip. The thing is, DVR-215s are rare in the shops here, and I’m not fond of shopping online.


@ Kniteshade,

Suggest be aware that SATA HardDisk Drive functionality and SATA Pioneer Optical Drive functionally in some instances is different.

If you go the Pioneer SATA DVR-212D Drive route suggest reviewing the Forum posting titled “How To: Crossflash 212D to 212” ( and the also the Forum posting titled “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( for detailed information on applying MCSE “Increase Read Speed”/"RPC-1 (Region Free)”/”Enable BitSetting” patches to increase the functionality and performance of the DVR-212D Drive.



[QUOTE=Kniteshade;2075893]@DVD_Addict: Well, SATA HDDs seem to work fine with the whole plug and play biz on my mobo. Thanks for the tip nonetheless.[/QUOTE]

:stuck_out_tongue: It’s not the matter of plug and play on a mobo. It has to do with the sata chipset controller on a mobo. Hard drives work differently from a optical drive. Older motherboards with sata connections were made to use only hard drives, they were not made for using optical drives. It would be the deciding factor on whether or not a sata dvd burner will work correctly. In your case using the latest drivers from the Nvidia website will allow the sata dvd burner to work correctly. Good luck! :wink: :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I ended up getting the 115DBK instead, couldn’t get the 212 to work.

But now, I can’t seem to even get my 115DBK to work, I can open and close the tray so I know power is there, but it won’t come up in My Computer. I’m running XP Pro SP3, I’ve got an oldddd Ricoh CDRW that I noticed the jumper is set to master, and my 115DBK is set to number 3; Cable Select. Could that be the problem, shouldn’t it work in Cable Select? I just checked my Device Manager and it doesn’t even appear in it.

Any help is appreciated. Man, I just got it today too.

EDIT: Also, if it helps, I’ve no idea what the firmware or how to get firmware on it or if it even has firmware on it yet. n00bmoment.


Apologies for the double post, can’t seem to edit my previous post now.

Got it working, n00b moment is over, just went and switched the jumper around.


Also, do you have an 80-wire ATA cable and not the older 40-wire version?