Pioneer DVR117 in Mac

Did I fry my internal drive for good?

I used a patch that converts the Mac’s internal Pioneer 117 into a 108 and then flashed it to V1.18 using DVR-Flash via Terminal. Then I enabled it with Patchburn. And now I get sense key errors about 4 minutes into every burn. I went to V1.20, but I still get that error.

I now downloaded DVRFlashX, which reports “ERROR - Could not open device PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108”

I’m certainly not whining - I did this with open eyes. But if there’s a way to salvage it, I’d like to try it.

If not, it’ll be another paper weight.

Thanks in advance for any help

If you misflashed the drive, it would be in “Failsafe” mode. Because of the way Mac OS X registers I/O devices during startup, the drive will not register. The only solution is to remove the drive to a PC and reflash it from there. Once flashed properly (Be sure to use a Firmware/Kernel set!), it will work fine in the Mac. You have no need for Patchburn with the DVR-108, if you’re using Tiger (OS X 10.4.3).