Pioneer dvr115d kernel file firmware


I am new to the forum.
I have a pioneer dvr-115d and i was trying to make some dl backups but i wasn’t very satisfied with the results.Sometimes i have excellent results but not always. I had the last firmware 1.22 but using the imgburn the 12 the buffer wasn’t steady it fluctuates from 96 to 100%
So i upgraded the firmware to the primera 9.13 now the buffer is 100% .
I tried to restore to the original firmware 1.22 with dvrtool but i get firmware and device is unmatched.
I think i need the kernel file?

could someone help me, thank you


Here it is, along with the DVR-A15J (DVR-115L) kernel in case you’re interested to ‘upgrade’ your drive to the maximum capabilities offered by the DVR-115 family (you gain DVD-RAM and Labelflash support in doing so): (1.8 MB)


thanks a lot. i upgraded to the 115l.
I have also the pioneer dvr216d with 1.09 firmware but i don’t get good burning results.
I checked the burning quality with nero speed but i can’t get pif lower than 6 , always using verbatim dvds.
Is anything i can do for improving the burning quality?


Hopefully yes. You could crossflash your DVR-216D to the DVR-216L (DVR-S16J) just like you did with your other drive. The additional advantage of doing so is that firmware 1.10 is available for DVR-S16J (DVR-216L) drives. Firmware 1.10 has not been released for any of the other DVR-216 models in this family. Hopefully the newer firmware will have better media support and give better results compared to 1.09.

If you want to crossflash, here are the necessary files: DVR-216L_1.10 with (955.1 KB)

If you want to crossflash back, then you can use these files: (937.0 KB)


Thanks i did the flash but the same results.
I believe my drive is old and the laser is worn out.
I need a dvd drive for backing up navigation dvds.
Do you know any good model to suggest me ?
I have many drives but nothing burns great only my 115d burns good 4 pif and lower but not always.I know that old pioneer was excellent burners so I have found a brand new dvr 216 ea model on ebay , do you believe it will work or i will have the same result??
Thank you again for the support


By the way my 115l, now burns much better!! Thanks a lot


And you know that by scans with what drives??


I am checking my burnings with ihas124b and nero disc speed program