Pioneer DVR111D external flashing help


I am fairly new to this so bare with me. I have a Pioneer DVR-111D with original firmware 1.29 in an external enclosure connected via firewire. It only supports bitsetting (auto) for dual layer discs and I need it to support manual bitsetting for single layer discs for better compatibility. Which TDB firmware should I use? 8.29 EXT or? Can someone please tell me in detail how I flash my drive safely? Is there anything special I should consider when flashing?

Thanx in advance

first you need to use tdb 111L 8.19 EXT* then use[B] tdb 111L 8.29 EXT*.[/B] i’d suggest flashing your drive in safemode. reboot your pc after flashing the drive with the first firmware. power down your enclosure as well then flash with the second firmware and reboot. or you could also flash the drive by taking it out of the enclosure and installing it into your pc.

Nope, you already answered your question.
With 1.xx firmwares DVD+R will remain DVD+R, with 8.xx DVD+R will be set [B]by Default to DVD-ROM[/B].

Thanx for your quick response! Gonna try this out tonight. Out of curiosity; How come I need to use 111[B]L[/B] 8.19 EXT & 111[B]L[/B] 8.29 EXT instead of 111[B]D[/B] 8.19 EXT & 111[B]D[/B] 8.29 EXT?

Just to get things straight, by flashing to 111L 8.29EXT the drive will auto-bitset single layer discs (+R) to DVD-ROM, correct?

And also, I downloaded the 111L 8.19 EXT* package and it only contains an exe-file and no firmware-file?


Any 8.xx firmware will do that.

That’s odd no firmware in the zip file. Maybe tdb is updating their website. PM me with your email address then I can email it to you.

All of the packages marked with * only contains the exe-file?

No there is suppose to be the firmware in the zip file. As I mentioned maybe tdb is updating the website. Any other member have the 111L 8.19 EXT* for ArneAnka666? I thought I had it on this pc but I only have the internal 111L 8.19*. PM him if anyone has it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

ArneAnk666 wait a few days to see if tdb updates/fixes the download.

  • TDB Flasher w/Kernel

The EXE is very large, it is our flasher and it contains the firmware. You simply run it select the drive and click flash.

Brother Vlad


Just wanted to report that I have now successfully crossflashed my drive to DVR111L with absolutely no problem. It now bitsetts my +R to DVD-ROM and is capable of labelflash + DVD-RAM! :slight_smile:

Thanx guys for your help - much appreciated

good to hear you got the drive up and running.