Pioneer dvr111 vs asus drw1608p3s

i like to buy 1 of this dvd burner
which one is better
i look for silent , durable and faithfulness dvd burner

which one is best for me for “heavy duty” for home users

thanks all

i bought the Asus DRW1608P3S only because the slightly cheaper Pioneer DVR-111 was out of stock. I flashed the firmware almost immediately to TDB 8.19 DVR-111L.

I would think that they are the same as after all the Asus DRW-1608P3S [I]is[/I] a Pioneer and physically identical to the DVR-111. The exception, of course, is the Asus bezel (faceplate).

I bought the Asus DRW-1608P3S retail box version, bundled with Nero and Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4 SE.


why to flash to this firmware and not to the original asus firmware??

Hi gns11,

It’s an easy one. I can’t resist :wink:
Because there is NO firmware available for the 1608P3S on the useless Asus site. Not even the original 1.06

Edit : For the completeness of the response, firmware 8.19L based on the Buffalo OEM adds automatic SL bitsetting and Labelflash capabilities (if you can get hold on a LF enable Nero version)

i use mostly dvd+r and i need the bitsetting (to dvd-rom) that is available with buffalo firmware.

the asus firmware is not the latest, based on version 1.06 of Pioneer. The Buffalo is based on 1.19, though Pioneer recently released 1.23, but we will have to wait until buffalo releases it (for bitsetting).

though if you do not need bitsetting you can go and update to the latest Pioneer firmware 1.23.

Cool, so the dvr111/drw1608p3s can do Labelflash…