Pioneer dvr111 problem

i just bought a pioneer dvr111 and i tried to burn a file that is 4.19 gbb in size. i am using deepburner . when i add the files to the project it sais 4.19 gb added but when i burn the dvd on the dvd the file is 193 mb in size…??? please help

I dont’ know what could be the problem (probably is a software problem),…but did you set the burning program to burn the DVD in UDF file system? Because if a file is larger than 2GB it cannot be stored in an ISO file system…with Nero Burning Rom if you try to do so, the prog. stops and gives you a warning…with deepburner I really don’t know, and I can’t explain the 193MB file.
Does the system/program give you some kind of error?

So, what is the source exactly?