Pioneer DVR110D Wont work

Hey guys, recently my DVR110D has just stopped working. I can open and close the tray but other than that it cant anything else. It cant read any discs and cannot write any either. It was working before for several months with no problems whatsoever. IT has suddenly just died.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.

Is the drive detected when you boot up?
Is it visible in Device Manager?
It may be a simple matter that the cable has come loose from the rear of the drive?

The drive is detected at boot up.
The drive is also visible in the device manager.
I have checked all cables and they are plugged in properly.
When i start up nero to burn a CD for example, when i insert the blank CDR, nero will not recognize the medium as a blank cdr. Also the drive is not recognizing CDs. when i put ina audio cd, nothing happens.

Check the drive with Nero Info Tool and post the info .
Try to flash the drive with latest firmware , 1.41 .

No, test the drive in another computer first.