Pioneer dvr110d in caddy

With a view to buying it off a mate, I borrowed his ‘hardly used’ dvr110d drive, in a caddy running USB2, to try. The PC (XP PRO SP2) never says ‘found new hardware’ or ‘found new usb device’ and rarely picks it up to be seen in explorer or my computer.
When it is finally recognised (as ‘DVD-RW drive (J:)’ in explorer) its hardware properties are ‘pioneer dvd-rw dvr110d USB device’, but it has no sharing or recording tabs (like my lg gsa 4163b). It appears to only be picked up as a rom drive. I tried to burn to a Rivision dvd-rw but the error is ‘disc is read only’. It will not allow me to erase or format the rw disk (right clicking on the dvd-rw drive icon) and is not picked up as a burner using roxio easy cd and dvd creator 6. The one time it was picked up it burned table of contents and then crashed (sorry have been unable to get roxio to recognise drive again to list message). It will not recognise dvd-r datawrite disks - when I try drag to disk it tells me to insert blank disk!! It seems to read fine: It has read BF2 when inserted and also read the Rivision dvd-rw disk when I burned data to it from my LG writer. However, it never asks you what you want to do with the disk or autorun.

Whether it’s from first start up or I have just inserted a disk the drive clicks at 1 second intervals for about 30 seconds, then stops. Ideas?

I have been unable to find out what firmware it is (dunno how) and I do not have any versions of nero to try.

How can I get it to be recognised all the time (is there some kind of order I need to turn things on?) Please list any steps in order.
How can I get it to be recognised as a writer, picked up in Roxio so I can burn to it?

Many questions, but many, many thanks,

Just read another thread and read about device manager. My profile for the drive in device manager is:


Does this help any? Is 'REV_1.08 the firmware? Should I try upping to the latest? Do I run the fw upgrade as normal, even though it’s caddied and not on an IDE channel?

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Rev1.0 surely is the firmware on the usb enclosure chipset, but not the drive.

And don’t try to update the drive in that enclosure, connect it internally then flash!

Thank you chef,

I will attach it internally (but maybe tomorrow - I’m bed bound now!). Does it have to be MASTER in order to flash it or is that irrelevant??

If anyone else would be so kind as to shed some light on any other aspect of my quandary (before I install and flash) please do so as it will give me something to try immediately after fitting it.

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If possible, connect the drive as MASTER on an 80 wire IDE cable.
I recommend to boot up into SAFE mode, then remove any media and flash the drive.

Silly question, but will my existing drive already be fitted to an 80 wire cable (that came with the mobo)? [Asus A7N8X-E DELUXE]

Are Pioneer notorious for problems? I had none of this with my LG writer. Or is it simply cuz it’s caddied, running through USB2?

Chef, any idea what the clicking is? (I mentioned it in first post)


You are wrong.

Liteon SOHR-5239V [B]2$0E[/B]:

Liteon SHM-165P6S [B]MS0P[/B]:



as you only borrowed this drive, I’d just give it back as it makes trouble.


Hehe, 1.08. :wink: