Pioneer DVR110 in a Gemini external enclosure (USB2.0)



Hi all, as the title says, I’ve got a dvd drive in an external enclosure, via ide-usb attached to my computers usb2.0 port, no problems installing it on my windows xp pro computer, but when I go to access a disc in th drive, windows tells me there is no disc, I’ve got xp sp2 installed and usb2.0 drivers. In device manager the drive is there, and it says there is no issues.

So yea… any answers?
Many thanks


Buy a better enclosure which supports the 111.

Some USB enclosures will not work.


What’s the reason behind it not working? I like to hear an answer I can understand other than it just will not work…

Is there a problem with the chip on the board?
Does anyone know of one that would work?



It is.


You want an enclosure with a Prolific 3507 chipset or with a Cypress AT2+ chipset. The latest NEC chipset seems to be OK as well. Many, many other chipsets will not work, but usually the problem is that the drive has problems writing. Check that you have an 80 wire cable, that you have the drive jumper set to MASTER, and look for the chipset.


Thanks chas0039, I double checked I had an 80 wire and jumper in the right position, so it must be the chipset, will have to hunt down one of the ones you suggested, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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