Pioneer DVR109

Hi everyone,

I have upgrated the firmware to 1.17.
I just tryed to burn a DVD+R with Nero6.0 and I always have a finalizing problem BUT with a DVD+RW I have no problem.
So I try with CloneDVD and I had no problem with the DVD+R and DVD+RW
Did any one had the same problem before ? Is it a compatibility between the 2 software ?

Thanks :bow:

I have same problem, DVD+R will not finalise with Nero6.0 but DVD+RW DVD-R. DVD-RW all OK. I also have RICOH MP5125A and this WILL burn DVD+R with NERO6.0 is this just media incompatability for DVR109 ?

which firmware are you currently using?

Nero 6.0? Firmware 1.17? OMG. Both need to be upgraded!

davejade, you cannot simply compare a Ricoh MP5125 with a Pio 109. Remember when the 109 were developed and when the 5125… Ages between them.