Pioneer DVR109 and Verbatim 6x DVD-RW



so far the fastest burning time, the best scan! :slight_smile:
as compared to LG4163, benq1640,nec3520a,liteon1673s


I assume the scans are of brand new discs?

Have you been able to determine what, if any, degradation there might be with repeated use.

I did not know 6x DVD-RW media was out yet - but I have ordered some this afternoon - so thanks for that. :slight_smile:


nope. the disc was used 3-4 times already.


Great one, raygay.


My 6x Verbatim DVD-RW discs arrived this morning.

MY QS is similar to yours, raygay.


And here is the Create Data Disc :


the burn time is so far the fastest! sub 10min for 6x dvd-rw! great!rambaud


The LG 4163 gave a slightly better QS score of 98, but the burn was slower at 9.56 mins.

The Philips 1640 would not burn at 6x, only 4x with a QS of 0. :sad:

The NEC 3500 is not connected up ATM.


That’s ok, NEC 3500 only supports 4x maximum on DVD-RW :wink:


Here’s RITEKW06 burnt at 6x!


Yes, you’re right.

I checked the specs yesterday, after my post.


wow…u got Ritek 6x DVD-RW! :eek:


Yep! Also in my Toshiba SD-R5372 review.

RitekW06 burnt at 6x on Toshiba:


Scan from the disc burnt on ASUS DRW-1608P.
Much better results than burning with the Toshiba!