Pioneer DVR108 wont burn ritek F1 above 3x

Is the kernel file in the RPC1 sufficient ?

The kernel file is required if you want to crossflash.

Regarding the post you have linked to:
I was given 2 filenames/packages in the question and I answered:

Only the 110 firmware package contains a kernel file.

I never said: “Only the 110 has a kernel file.”

Just check out this link.

what am i looking for in that link coz i cant see a kernel file in there :frowning:

Download the packages and extract them using Winrar.
Some of them should contain a kernel file.

I am happy to inform you that Pioneer Australia has replaced my DVR-108 with a brand new DVR-111D on the grounds mentioned above initially arguing some invalid points. Sent a satchel to collect the crippled DVD burner and sent me a new one , I am all happy :slight_smile: although i gave the new pioneer to a friend as i already bought a LG GSA-H10N :slight_smile: