Pioneer DVR108 wont burn ritek F1 above 3x

Now that 16x media is affordable I finally bought some ritekF1s 16x , to my horror even the latest 1.20 firmware won’t let me select a 16x and is locked at 4x. Ok i tried the RPC1 1.18 hacked firmware and it allowed me to select the 16x but wouldnt burn above 2.6x !!! and even reading back the cd averaged at 2.6x !! Below is picture of what the read looks like.

So a media we know works well at 16x even in later pioneer models is not working in earlier pioneer models which are rated 16x…is this fraud on pioneer’s part ?? What is the course of action…i want my 16x pioneer burner to burn my 16x dvd at 16x speed !!! (or even 12x :frowning: )

Thanks Guys

(if you hover the mouse of the Drive pictures it tell u the name of the drive)

You can see Pioneer 110D burns it fine while 108 doesnt…so its a hardware limitation…Pioneer 108 16x burner is not burning this 16x media at 16x…sounds like false advertising to me…

Why is the scan drive edited??

coz thats not the actual scan i have edited another i found on the net to show what mine looks like :clap:

:sad: no replies on the worlds biggest cd forum :sad: don’t know where to turn to !

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Before you start making wild suggestions of “fraud” and “false advertising” on the part of Pioneer, you need to look at the way your drive is connected in your computer. Also, please learn how to post your own graphs from CD-DVD Speed: you are very unlikely to get help if you supply us with other people’s images that have also been tampered with. If you need advice on how to use CD-DVD Speed, please ask.

Now… it sounds more like you might have some restriction on your datapath to the drive. Do you have DMA enabled for the Pioneer 108?

Drives connecting fine via 80 pin connector DMA enabled…and if u read carefully it burns ritek 8x fine - also i know very well how to get my own graphs - it is irrelevant if i provide edited images from someone else ( I Was at work ) as long as they look the same…

any help anyone :frowning:

I can’t find anywhere where you make this statement.

Please post your PC specifications; and if you have Nero, a log file from a slow burn.

I really doubt it burns them at 3x. You had [B]scanned them[/B]… at 3x?!?

Benchmarking means not burning.

The only way to be able to burn at 16x is to get some 16x media that the burner truly recognises. The Ritek F1 dye is relatively new & many older burner don’t recognise it & get slow burns or burn failures.

chef, you are our firmware man: I seem to remember gradius providing a firmware for the Pio 108 that would burn any mediacode at 16x. Was that for the straight 108 (v. 1.2) or did it have to be flashed to Piodata and then that unit’s v. 1.18 applied?

Hmmm… maybe it was >NIL who patched it…:doh:

I did it myself a couple of years ago but cannot remember the sequence. I also remember gradius’s site went down for a while, yet found this hosted on RPC-1… ;).

Yes it was definitely >NIL: who patched the Pioneer DVR-108 to an all burn speed unit. The very last >NIL: firmware patch for the DVR-108 is the 1.18 firmware revision and can be found at his website here:

This contains both the kernel and firmware and needs to be flashed with DVRFlash (ver 2 or greater) to apply to the DVR-108

Initially When imkidd57 told me to check DMA it had reverted to PIO due to low read/write speeds from the original Firmware - 1.20 , I changed TO DMA in the IDE Channel - I flashed to the RPC1 1.18 firmware and tried to burn a 16x RitekF1…it didn’t burn over 8x ,

Then I got 3 coasters in a row with power calibration errors - I went back to RPC1 firmware 1.14 and again power calibration errors …i tried limiting it to 8x and burned 1 copy successfully - haven’t done further tests yet as i am work …but why wont it burn at 16x !!!

Yup, [B]>NIL:[/B] invented the speed-wheel for dvd burning with his [B]nx4all[/B] patched firmwares and [B]Gradius[/B] did one for the 108 (IIRC) and then leaved the patching area til now.
In case you search for an Pioneer burner firmware, there are 2 superb locations:
>NIL:s Pioneer region free dvd firmware page and
Flash’s Firmware Collection.

The 108 is more an 12x dvd burner than an 16x dvd burner, even if it were announced as such. But tests have proven that it goes more at 12x than 16x mostly. :wink:

Sadly [B]ala’s wonderful MCSE tool[/B] has no 108 support.

anyone knows how to revert back to factory firmware ???

Please use DVRFlash and read its info carefully.

Instead of creating a new thread for my question I thought I would ask in here. I had a 50 pack of Memorex RITEKF1 fall into my lap. What speed should I burn these at on my Pioneer 111D, stock firmware? Should I even try a 16X?


12x max here.

And once that pack is finished get some decent media.

I need a kernel file apparently dont I ?

Here u say only 110 has a kernel file…i downloaded that but no kernel file…do u know where i can get a kernel file ??