Pioneer DVR108 and Nero Express V

Hello folks around the globe,

Yesterday I bought the pioneer dvr108. This is my second dvd writer along with LG GMA4020B which I have positive comments on this drive. Together with the dvr 108 I also bought the LG DVD-ROM 8163B.

After I installed the drive and put everything in place, today I am testing the new setup. So far so good.

The only problem that I came across is that, when I use nero v and make a DVD copy x4 from a backup directly on the fly to a blank DVD-R the buffer levels goes up and down. This only occurs in the 1st 25% of the burn progress, thus it will take a minute or so more than normal. Copied a copy using the same method but using x2 speed the buffer level remaind constant. I had not yet tested x8 media but I believe the problem still occurs and even worst. I do not mind of a longer burning time. My concern is that I am not sure if everything is in order and how it will effects my backups.

My computer is a pentium 4 cpu 1.7 ghz Win XP Home edition SP1.
System configuration:
Primary IDE Channel
Master: Maxtor Hard Disk DMA on (Ultra DMA Mode 5)
Slave: DVD-Rom DMA on (Ultra DMA Mode 2)

Secondary IDE Channel
Master: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 (Ultra DMA Mode 2)
Slave: LG DVDRAM GMA 4020B (Ultra DMA Mode 2)

Media used: Traxdata, Maxell and TDK

Any help and comments I welcome and highly appreciated.


Your on nero 6 so u can freely dl nero, i advise you to.

If your dvr-108 is on Ultra DMA Mode 2 it is on a 40 column ide cable change it to a 80 column for it to work as Ultra DMA Mode 4, check out the thread "DVR-108 Firmware v1.14 "

Cheers Bj

I took your advise humeyboy and I updated my nero to v but unfortunately whenever I try to copy on the fly it gives me burning failed ‘Communication error’.

Does anyone experienced this problem?? Pls help!!

Ok gyproc this morning I try to buy an 80 coloumn cable.
Keep you posted my friend . . .

I have just noticed something.

Once I updated my nero to v the secondary IDE Channel Master where my Pioneer DVR_108 is connected becomes Ultra DMA Mode 4 . . . .

In view of this can I conclude that it is with an 80 column cable???

Totaly confused and stranded . . . . .

Experts Please HELP>>>>

The IDE/OS config was not correct… now it is.

You seem to have a hdd and dvd-rom on the same ide channel, this is unwise, as hdd’s and optical drives should not be on the same channel, since you dont have any raid device you would have to remove one of your drives.

Having burnt many dvd disks, i have never used “on the fly”, as i would asume that no drive would be able to keep up, which seems to be the problem your having, just create an iso/nrg image of your disk, then burn that.

I tried a copy on the fly source dvd DVD-ROM to destination drive LG GMA4020B and all went well! I also tried from DVD-ROM to the Pioneer with DMA disabled and was was OK but it took ages to copy with the buffer going crazy!!

I do not agree with you 2divideby0 because before I purchsed the Pioneer DVR-108 I had A CD writer and I copied thousands of DVDs to the LG Writer with the only difference that at that time it was Secondary Master with DMA on.

Another thing I would like to share with you is that I did not updated the firmware from 1.06 to 1.14. This is because I believe this problem it has nothing to do with this issue.

I went back to nero v and strange enough the problem persists.

Hello cdfreaks experts . . . . give your opinions as well !!!


Always used on fly in last 4 years many diff writers and dvd roms and on same eide channel, now on their own eide’s as HDD is SATA, but ive never ran a rom drive on same eide as a HDD, this is no go.

Stemik, of course on the fly would work before when both drives were on the same ide, but now your transfering from the dvd-rom which is connected to the hdd, it would cause a slowdown/caching problem as demonstraighted by your “bufer going crazy”. You could do on the fly between the LG and the pioneer, that should work, since both are on the same ide.

2divideby0 I tried your idea on the fly between the LG and the pioneer but unfortunately it did not work either. As far as I know The only diff from the previous setup is that the LG is instead of the CD writer as a slave on the secondary IDE and the pioneer is master instead of the LG DVD writer on the same IDE.

Thanks 2divideby0 for your help.

Cheers stemik

Any further luck Stemik with your on-the-fly burning? You could try, if you havent already done so, is remove the dvd-rom from the hard-drive ide channel and just use the two burners.