Pioneer DVR107D vs. DVR A07

I understand that the 107D is the OEM version of the A07. Other than the retail packaging and software bundle, is there any difference in the drives (i.e., parts, construction, firmware, etc.)?

I can get the 107D for 115$ or the A07 for 170$ with a 30$ rebate. I already have both Nero6 and Roxio6, and my burning needs are very basic. I want the large storage capacity for data, and to maybe make backups of a few DVDs. If the drives come off the same assembly lines and out of the same parts bins, I don’t think I really need a fancy box or the s/w bundle.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!



If you don’t mind not having the software bundle, retail box, as well as a fancy front bezel and honeycomb chassis, then get the DVR-107D.