Pioneer DVR107D Going Out?

I purchased my 107D in the spring of 2004, shortly after they came out. 3 years and over a 1,000 burns later (with cd-r and dvd-r discs) I am getting power calibration errors. It shouldn’t be a media issue as i have been using the same media since day one. Taiyo Yuden. I’ve had a few coasters over the years but nothing like the last couple of weeks. It seems every movie gets the same calibration error or if the burn is successful, when played I end up with flaws in the last 20 mins. or so. So i’m wondering? Is it time to hang up shoes on this one or chalk it up to bad media and trudge on? :confused:

Off topic: What is the best burner out today under $100. I’ve been looking at the DVR112D as the 107d has been good to me.

All the thanks for help.

Try burning slower, clean the drive.
If both fails, you had a good working horse > buy a new one.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve taken it down to 6x burn and still the the same errors. I’ve also tried cleaning. Guess it’s off to Fry’s in the morning. Thanks again.


You haven’t switched from 8X to 16X TY discs have you? The latter are not supported by the 107D.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t switch discs speed. I went to Fry’s yesterday and purchased the DVR112D and a 3 pack of memorex DVD+R DL discs. The quality of burn was excellent, but the time was a little slow the disc are only 2.4x. I also put in one of my Ty discs and it burned no problem. I guess the 107d has had enough. Thanks again.


Memorex DL, oh well…

@ chef,

Yes it appears folks continue to purchase the noted problematic Memorex DL Media in spite of the well-documented evidence that Memorex DL Media only causes problems.

If users desire quality error free DL Media results there is overwhelming documented evidence that Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media is the only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results.