Pioneer DVR105

Please forgive me if this has been asked before. I have looked through the search function but wasn’t quite sure how to word my question!

How can I get region 1 disks to play on my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 105. I have looked on the properties page and found the tab where you can specifiy what region you require, but this only has 4 changes left!
My Pioneer player for the TV has a modification to enable it as a multi-region player.
Is there any software available for my PC ?

Any help would be very welcome:bow: .


HI there sonicshovel and welcome to the forum.

You will need to flash your writer with a new firmware.

You can find such a firmware here , here or here.

If the flash is successful , you will have a region free drive.

Beware that flashing your drive (writing data to the chip inside the drive) can be a dangerous job. If unsuccesful , it can ruin your drive and void warranty.

Then you will need to get your Operating System and favourite dvd playback software in region free modus. You can use DVD Genie for this.

What can I say, apart from many thanks
I have ‘flashed’ my drive and just downloaded the genie program. On looking on these sites, I found a program called DVD REGION FREE which happens to cost a few $.
I hope this may help someone, the same as I have been helped!

Thanks again,
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