Pioneer DVR-TD10RS firmware


Is anyone manage to find a new firmware to download for the Pioneer DVR-TD10RS burner ?

If not, is this possible to crossflash it with another ?

Thanks by advance.


What are you trying to accomplish by flashing new firmware into 10 year old model? These slim internal drives are small market OEM products, not designed to be sold directly to consumers, and so firmware support to end users is pretty much non-existent except from the laptop manufacturer who installed it into their PC’s.

Yes, I know.

But I found firmware updates for Pioneer Pioneer DVR TD08, TD09, Pioneer DVR K05, K06, K15, K16, and K17.

So why not for this product, Pioneer DVR-TD10RS ?

Maybe to crossflash it is an alternative way, with DVRTool, or DVRFlash.
I already made it a few times for.Pioneer products.

If someone knows, I will be very grateful, because its behavior clearly needs an update.


Not to repeat, but state a different way which has sometimes worked for me.

It might help if you know, or can determine the laptop manufacturer for whom this model was produced (the -RS suffix might be a hint but nothing comes to mind). Then go to the driver downloads from that manufacturer for models that were current around 2011 and might have been equipped with this drive.

I bought this second-hand product from a web dealership, because I need a micro-SATA burner.

In case of PIONEER DVR-K16RS, the RS is for Acer, as mentioned in the “Dangerous Brothers” note contained in the README.txt file.

You guess I already made some research, but not as deep as I should have.

If Acer was getting the firmware available, I would have found it yet.

Is “DVR-TD10RS” hide another reference hit ?

A first step :
I found the 1.01 firmware version for that DVR-TD10RS at

It works for me. I get the firmware 1.01 replacing 1.00.

I keep searching for a newer version (1.02 ?)

Great detective work, glad you found something … although I am still not clear on what you expect to accomplish. Good luck!

Very simple :

A new firmware increases the qualiity of reading, burning CD or DVD.

Sometimes it lets you burn some new brand trademark discs.

And with a RPC1 firmware, it sets the burner region free, and erase the limitation speed of reading.

And last but not least, you can rip more easily a disc with a LibreDrive firmware :

And that’s pretty much cool !


Thanks for listing all of the plusses; those of us that have hung out here for the last 20 years or so know all of this by rote. I was specifically asking about what you hoped to accomplish with a firmware flash on your Pioneer DVD-TD10RS.

  1. Yes, you might get better burns if the new firmware tweaked the strategy for a type of blank that you use. Which type of blank (MID) are you having problems with? Is there a changelog for the firmware update you found? If the firmware is compatible you might be more successful in addressing that blank by zapping the firmware with MediaCodeSpeedEdit.
  2. By 2011 or so (i.e. the vintage of your Pioneer drive), DVD development was pretty mature and there were few (if any) new MIDs which would require a firmware update to address.
  3. Some firmware updates for OEM drives of that era addressed other issues; e.g. compatibility problems with DVD playback software which that OEM also packaged with the notebook in which the drive was installed.
  4. RPC1 is pretty irrelevant these days what with the plethora of playback and ripping software that simply ignore region coding. Overcoming riplock? Yes, absolutely agree. But slimline drives like your Pioneer are slow readers anyway and not nearly as good as full size 5.25" drives.
  5. LibreDrive is for (UHD) Blu-Ray ripping and this is a DVD burner.

In any case, glad that you are making progress; hope you achieve what you are looking to do!

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