Pioneer DVR-S806



Recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-S806 DVD writer but could not get it work properly. Here are some questions I have.

  1. I have the DVD-writer plugged in my USB port. If I turn on the DVD-writer BEFORE I turn on the computer, my computer freezes. If I turn it on AFTER I turn on the computer, then it’s ok. Any idea how to fix this or should I just live with it?

  2. In Control Panel, under System/Hardware/Device Manager, the DVD-writer shows up as DVR-108. Why is that?

  3. Is it necessary to update the driver? The version I have installed, which comes from Windows XP, is old (year 2001). I have updated the firmware. Is that the same as updating the driver?

Anyway, the bottom line is I am not able to record any DVDs with my new drive. I couldn’t figure out why so I am hoping answers to above questions can give me some clue.



  1. No idea, but I think it should work in either case.

  2. All that drives (from the xx8 series) are identified by the OS as “DVR-108”.

  3. Normally it isn’t necessary. However, it is recommended to use the IDE drivers by m$ if you have mobo specific ones installed from Via or nForce etc. and get issues.
    A DRIVER is no FIRMWARE. A driver for optical drives comes with the OS.
    A firmware is hardware specific and is installed “in” the drive, comes and goes with the drives’ appearance.

What burning app(s) have you used to burn DVDs?