Pioneer DVR-S20L & DVR-S21L


I already have the DVR-S20L and I am interested in the DVR-S21L. Does anyone know the differences? I see in the specifications that the first has 1.5 MB buffer memory and the second 0.5 MB. Is the DVR-S21L a better writer than the DVR-S20L? Was a new firmware ever released for either of the two?


The only technical difference between these models is the size of the buffer.
It clones the Chinese QSI models DDW-243S \ DDW-244S


Never heard about DDW-243S and DDW-244S.


Only in China these models are available.


Was a new firmware ever released for either the DVR-S20L or the DVR-S21L? I recently saw a DVR-221 (which I assumed was the same as DVR-S21L) in a computer shop and I was tempted to buy it (even if it was rather expensive in retail package). Is Pioneer still making (or should I say selling) DVD writers?


I have not found a firmware for DVR-221 \ S21.
The last Pioneer DVD drives produced in 2012 are the Pioneer DVR-117J \ 217J \ S17J.


The last Pioneer models I saw advertised were the DVR-221 \ S21 and the DVR-220 \ S20. I thought these were the latest.



czary2 is noting the distinction between the last true Pio DVDRW drives (x17 series) and the last DVDRW drives marketed with the Pioneer name (x21 series).


I found a firmware ( dated 2012/12/24 on Pioneer’s Taiwan website ( I am not sure if it is newer than the one that came with the drive as both have the same version.


As you mentioned their last true production, would you recommend looking for an unused x17 Series Pioneer DVDRW?


Nope, my experience with the 217 is not good. Bought it last year


The R16 family had better firmware optimisation than the R17.


My DVR-215 is with most media also much better than my 217. My DVR-S20 was also better but in the last time it had a problematic with burn quality, dunno why.

For media 8x and above the actual Pioneer BD-R-drives also much better than the 217. So I don´t miss the real Pioneer DVD-writers that much, QSI seems to make a better job than Pioneer with the last model 217.


I tend to agree there. In my experience, the R15 and R16 were the best dedicated DVD writers but the latest BDRs are actually really good as well, to the point where I actually wouldn’t recommend anyone buying a dedicated DVD writer.


Except he uses old 1x-4x media :wink:

My DVR-215 und DVR-S20 (QSI) burn even old 1x PRINCO more than readable, Pioneers BD-R burn em with awful quality or unreadable

But you forget the price, a Pioneer BD-R starts at 57€, a LG DVD-writer at 10€