Pioneer DVR-S20BK or DVR-220LBK?

Is anyone using the Pioneer DVR-S20BK dvd writer? What is the chipset used in this drive and is it a good burner?

I can only find the DVR-S20BK on Pioneer’s website. Could anyone advice which of the two drives [Pioneer DVR-S20BK or DVR-220LBK] is better?

DVR-220LBK is here:

DVR-S20BK is here:

Not enough information though to decide which of the two to choose.

I had the opportunity to briefly inspect both drives before purchasing and I choose the DVR-S20BK as it comes in a retail package with Nero 10 Essentials. The DVR-220LBK is a bulk drive, but additionally has labelflash. The DVR-S20BK has the Pioneer name printed on the tray door, while the DVR-220LBK does not. I think that the DVR-S20BK is probably using a MediaTek chipset as it has a memory buffer of 1.5MBytes, but this is something that needs confirmation. The drive came with firmware 1.01 and was made in October 2012 in China.

They are all part of the same DVR-_20 family, use the same chipset, etc. The difference comes in additional premium features/cosmetic design differences. But for the same basic purpose of burning discs, they should be the same. So no worries as long as you got the features you needed.

Someone usually posts threads containing information about the drive families beyond what you can determine from given specifications. The DVR-220 family’s thread is here: That verifies your MediaTek chipset guess.