Pioneer DVR-S18LBK Help?




I’m new to this site and after reading many post thought I’d ask a question about my drive which I need help with. I purchased the Pioneer DVR-S18LBK and wanted to know where can I download the latest firmware from as I can not find any downloads on Pioneer site.

One final thing does the Pioneer DVR-S18LBK support DiscT@2? I was reading about DiscT@2 and it kinda like Labeltag. Labelflash discs are too expensive so thought if I just get normal DVD-R disc and write label with the DiscT@2 feature if it can be done.



You can find firmware updates in the particular thread here , but here is the post for S18.

The x18 drives are based on MediaTek chipset, so “No,” you can’t use DiscT@2 or LabelTag since it doesn’t support them.


do you know which Labelflash drive supports DiscT@2?


The Pioneer x11L to x17L series “should” support DiscT@2 as well as some of the older and newer NEC/Optiarc drives.


Does the Sony Optiarc AD-7241S support DiscT@2?


Hum… I don’t know about labelflash (but it is written labelflash on drive label, and on the box) since I never tried, but I can use a feature like disc t@2 with my S18L :wink:

And no, AD-7241S is lightscribe, no disc t@2.


Since this models auto defaults to DVD-ROM when DVD+R DL is used, how about DVD+R? Which utility supports bitsetting of this drive for it?


Guess any LabelFlash-capable drive can use DiscT@2 irregardless of what chipset it is.


How do you enable T@2 using nero on a drive which supports labelflash?


With mine, I had nothing to do, disc t@2 function appeard, that’s all :wink:


[QUOTE=Bloodlust;2515807]How do you enable T@2 using nero on a drive which supports labelflash?[/QUOTE]

Why do you think the drive is called Pioneer DVR-S18[B]L[/B]BK??
This is the hardware, but you also need software support and if you use Nero it has to support “LF/LT” by the serial/version.