Pioneer dvr s18l speed problem

Ive just bought one of these writers to replace my old dvr 112 which has been an awsome writer, anyway my new one wont burn any aone dual layer dvds at 2.4speed even though the speed is selected it just burns at 4, tried the burnt dvd in my xbox360 and it just wont work properly, is there anything i can do or is this writer just plain crap, cheers:)

First, your media choice is kinda bad.

Verbatim or falcon DL.

ive been using aone for over a year now and never had a problem until now

The Pioneer 218 Isn’t a true Pioneer drive, it’s a rebadged QSI drive, and it does not compare very will to the true Pioneer drives.

The reason you are not able to burn at 2.4x, is due to the firmware on the drive. The manufacturer has decided that 4x is the minimum write speed for the MID of your Aone discs.

Is there any other firmware for this drive, it has 1.02 already installed, cheers

Just face it, you have to get better media…