Pioneer DVR-MCC

Can someone explain me what kind of drive is Pioneer DVR-MCC?
It’s an inexpensive drive (59.90 euros here in Italy).

From the specs, it seems a DVR-107 with DVD+R DL 2.4x support and 10x CD-R write speed.

If anyone has more useful info, please post here.



From the specs it is such an drive but it cannot be flashed with or to another model/firmware.

€59.90 is inexpensive??
That’s really near to the price for a DVR-108 here.


€59.90 is the lowest price I have ever seen here for a DVD burner.
I found DVR-108s for about $80 (€61) in USA or £44 (€63) in UK. The same drive in Italy cost about €80. GRRRRR! :a



If that’s the case we should be able to flash a standdard DVR-107 with the DVR-MCC firmware and get DL support???

I’m not sure. I think it has been tried and failed once.

DVR-MCC is a modified DVR-108, so that’s impossible. It’s also modified at hardware level, making impossible to flash it with a 108 FW as well.

Good news indeed. Maybe I go and get one myself. :bow: :bigsmile:

Where is the sense…

The MCC is not even cheaper as a 108 (here) and you’ll lose the guarantee 100%!

yesterday i’ve flashed the 107 mcc into a dvr 108 region free 16x.
it works great!!!

and here in italy it’s possible to buy it with 60 €uros, instead of 80 € of the original 108…

for the guarantee i think that in two year i’ll buy another burner, obviously this will be too ancient… so i don’t need guarantee as long.

bye… who wants all the necessary for the job can call me… :a

Only if the drive lasts that long… :slight_smile:

hey to all from Serbia. i have 107mcc and want to flash it to 108d. chinasky can you explain the procedure of flashing? which utilities did you use? is it 100% sure that my drive will work if i flash it?

DVRFlash + Pioneer 108 kernel + Pioneer 108 firmware.
That’s all.

do you have some links for that? if something goes wrong and drive dont work as 108d could i flash it back with 107mcc firmware?

No, that’s impossible.

impossible? why? is not possible to copy the firmware and re-install the old firmware?

chinasky wich firmware did you use? have you flashed it from dos?

gimme your email address: i’ll email you all you need for free.
note: my dvd recorder had medion firmware

here is my email.
i have dvr107mcc 1.11 firmware (its made in september 2004)