Pioneer DVR-LX60D firmware?



Picked this recorder up from a charity shop, and while it seems to be ok, the firmware is not the latest.

Downloaded the firmware from the site, and followed the instructions to write the file to CD in ISO9660 mode. Since I hadn’t installed any other software for it, using Imgburn (write).

1st try - it was in level 1 and truncated the filename.
2nd try - set it to 1999 mode, but “level X” may be too high
3rd try - level 2 - still no good.

Anyone know more than what they say on the site for this, like WHICH combination of settings applies?

PS. the filename contains a lowercase letter, so does that mean ASCII character set, as opposed to DOS or standard?
And the setting for add / not add the ;1 version.

Is Imgburn making it difficult by offering too much detail?



Burn it as a simple data CD. I usually do it with Nero. No special settings.
Important: when the update is in progress the tray will be ejected. Take out the CD, but DO NOT push the tray. Wait as the update is still in progress.


Yep, got it eventually - it was the “ISO9660” that was leading me on a wild goose chase, as it actually needed +Joliet.

Updated fine (nervously watching the stages count up) - and then turned update off in the setup … no point having it go hunting for updates that will never come


I am glad you succeeded, Matth. You are absolutely right, Pioneer is not the firm that rolls out updates on regular basis.
(Despite the above mentioned I have been a Pioneer fan for many many years). :wink: