Pioneer dvr-ki6d; driver?

Hi all -new here, so hoping you can share some advice!

Got a new Sony Vaio n-130gw laptop and it came with a Pioneer CD-DVD dvr-ki6d.
Installed the new IE7 and it totally tanked my machine [beware!]
…so I removed it. And MSN messenger and some other little bits like resident games, etc.

For some reason, now the driver for my cd/dvd is missing and I cant find one on-line anywhere.

I have no idea what the heck happened. I’m not a total comp. newbie, but this has me stumped.

Anyone know where I can get a driver for this, or similar problems?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Windows should automatically use the default drivers for your drive. Most people don’t turn off System Restore or don’t know how (I turn it off :stuck_out_tongue: ). Go to your System Restore settings and restore your OS back to a good known date when your hardware was still working. People forget about the System Restore function. A majority of the time it works though. I turn it off to avoid the restoration of spyware.

the driver comes with the OS. -over-


System restore worked. Shoulda thought of that!

Your drive must be a K16, not Ki6.