Pioneer DVR-K17YA stop reading and writing DVDs

I have a DELL Inspiron 1501 laptop
Windows XP Professional
and my DVD Combo is
Pioneer DVR-K17YA SLIM 8X DVD+/-RW
Burning software is Ashampoo Burning Studio
DVDs are Sony DVD+R 120min./4.7GB AccuCore

It worked perfectly up until now. I was burning a dvd yesterday when it finished half way through and ejected the dvd. So I trashed that dvd and started on a new one. Every now and then I’ll get one bad DVD in a spindle.
When I tried to write a new dvd it gave me an error of saying it couldn’t read the disc. So I went online searching for help and went to Microsoft’s site and removed the LowerFilters that it suggested. Rebooted, Removed the software, Removed the DVD from device manger. Also updated the Firmware from Dell’s support site. I can read and write CD’s but can’t burn or read DVD’s anymore. Any help would be appericated and I hope this is detailed enough for some help on what I can do to get this back up and working. If not I will have to go and buy an external one and just make this one into a regular cd-rom

This is what I get when tryin’ to use one of my Sony DVD+R’s

Use imgburn and try with Verbatim discs.

Sorry I like simple drag n drop programs and Don’t understand imgburn…Guess I’ll find another software to use…

@ Shad0wzVampyr,

Strongly suggest not using a “Guess I’ll find another software to use” and use the ImgBurn ( software program. For Burning Quality the ImgBurn software program is ‘The Best’ and is a known proven quality stable error free software Burning program. When Members report “Burning Problems” for troubleshooting proposes the ImgBurn software program is the preferred Burning program to use. There isn’t anything "Difficult” in using the ImgBurn software program. For information on the use of ImgBurn program refer to ->

Also don‘t overlook Forum Members chef suggestion in using Verbatim Media. Verbatim Media has a known proven track record of consistently providing quality error free results but in many instances Sony Branded Media can prove to be ‘Problematic’ Media.

Also ensure that your Pioneer DVR-K17YA Optical Drive has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed.


Nevermind.Delete my account here I WILL NOT USE IMGBURN as I DO NOT LIKE IT, and I’m sorry but AVI’s ARE A BETTER QUALITY.

@ Shad0wzVampyr,

Sorry your stay at CD Freaks was short lived.

Something to note –> You came to the CDFreaks Forum (Worlds Largest CD/DVD Community) seeking assistance with your problem. An experienced informed knowledgeable Forum Member provided well-documented known proven valid suggestions for troubleshooting your problem but instead of even attempting to see if these known proven valid troubleshooting suggestions corrected your particular problem your response is - “Nevermind. Delete my account here”.

Well the Members of the CDFreaks Forum wish you luck in correcting your particular problem.