Pioneer DVR-K17 Slim Drive

I’m assuming that this drive must be new because I can’t find any reviews; I also searched for the K16.

Just wondering if anyone knows how this drive performs, my main concern is write quality on Taiyo Yuden discs. (Both cd-r and dvd-r)

The drive would also be going in a Dell 700m, I’ve read that the K16 will fit with the use of dells mounting harware. Is it safe to assume that this is also true with the K17?

Here’s the link on Pioneer’s website:,,2076_310070061_428118021,00.html

Unless the drive has a suitable firmware it cannot work with the DELL.

Can anyone else confirm this? What has changed since the DVR-K16? Is there such a firmware avaliable?

I dont know what other owners think, but I found that the drive is really loud when it goes into full spin like playing a movie. I have searching for a bios or quiet utility on the web but found nothing. Please advise if anyone has a lead. Thanks!!!

TLOW, what do you think about the burn quality of the drive? I’m replacing a samsung one which was horrible. ie: the disks wouldn’t always read in other computers…

I can not comment on that as I have only burned one disc so far. Anyway, unless I have a defective drive, I would strongly advise against getting this drive as the spinning is too loud for watching movies on the notebook unless you are using a pair of earphone. I am not kidding, it is really that bad :frowning:

People, I have this drive in my new Laptop and have had no problems with excess noise when playing back DVDs in conjunction with my PowerDVD software.

To be specific, this is the laptop I’ve just bought:

The optical drive is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K17RS. I’m not sure what the RS stands for but I suspect that this drive is similar if not exactly the same as all other Pioneer DVR-K17 drives.

TLOW, I suspect that you may have a faulty or defective drive.

soneman, many thanks for your verification. Guessed I have a defective drive. I just could not believe how loud the drive is when I read that it has some kind of quiet technology applied on this drive from the Pioneer web site.

Like I said, if you’re experiencing excess noise when playing back DVDs then there is something wrong.

The drive is only noisy for me whenever I’ve got an Installer Disc in there such as a Windows XP CD or a Windows Vista DVD. But then again, I suppose the drive [I]is[/I] supposed to spin-up and spin-down several times during a Windows installation.

I suspect that the problem with your drive is that it doesn’t spin down correctly which is the reason why you hear so much noise coming from your drive. I think you’ll agree that this is a defect and you should try to get a replacement drive (if possible).

Can you burn at max speed?

I just bought a laptop with that same drive too, but it can’t burn DVD-R 8x or DVD+R 16x at highr speeds than 2.4X, I’ve tried diferent brands, but the +RW are burned at 4X (max speed), so I don’t understand.


I haven’t actually tried burning anything yet.

I’ll try burning a DVD with my Laptop and post the results here soon.

i have a Pioneer DVR-K17 Slim Drive so burn in 2.4x and no exist ayet firmware
someone help for firmware or burn a 4 or 8x?

It looks like this drive is very pesky with the media you put in. Only Sony +R an Verbatim +R, -R are the ones that can be burned at max speed (8x), all of them have 16x max burn speed, so, there you go, until pioneer gets a new firmware out or something, you have to find wich discs it can burn at 8x.

Hope it helps.

There is a NERO Applet call DVD/CD Acoustic Silencer; you can download it for free at the site.Thing really works!

Toshiba has a little applet you can obtain from their site or called DVD/CDR Acooustic Silencer!. Really works!

I can’t find any such product on

Methinks somebody is telling porkies. :rolleyes:

Will this drive work in an IBM thinkPad T40?

It depends on the old drive you’ve got in your Laptop at the moment. Has it got it’s own casing and fittings?

Because if it has, then you will need to remove them before attempting to attach them to a new drive.

I’ve just tried burning a couple of DVDs with this drive and the results are positive.

I burned a couple of Verbatim branded YUDEN000T03 16x DVD+R discs using DVD Decrypter and the burn speed started at 2.1x and slowly edged towards the 8x max speed by the time it got to burning the last 25% of the disc.

I hope that helps.

I gather that there is no firmware available for this drive at the moment. Would be nice to have some new firmware available because this drive doesn’t support bitsetting.

well, my k17rs only burn dvd-r at 2x too, but dvd-rw writes at 4x, so whats the problem ? unsupported media?
the dvd-rw is from optodisc(dotcom)
the dvd-r is from lg eletronics
the dvd-r is rated for 8x burning, the dvd-rw is rated for 4x burning …
the firmware version of the drive is 1.00, acer notebook 5050-3613
im looking for any solution for this problem, 2x dvd-r writing is a pain!