Pioneer DVR-K17 slim burning speed



Hi guys,

Since Ive been here I keep finding out more info and now what makes me wonder is the burning speed of my drive…

I have this drive in my HP notebook, and never really had any problems and always was lucky to burn on decent Verbs.
I usually buy the 16x DVD+R disks and as my drive only supports up to 8x burning this is the speed I select.
But now… the drive does not really burn with 8x until around 3.6GB position (on a fully loaded DVD). Prior to that it goes up in steps 0-0.2GB 2x, 0.2-1.6GB 4x, 1.6-3.6GB 6x.

Is this normal? or do I have something set up incorrectly.



Yes, this is completely normal. Most slimline (laptop) burners use PCAV.