Pioneer DVR k16 Slim Drive


I have just purchased the above mention drive for my sony pcg frg 25 laptop. For some reason my system keeps telling me that there is no disc in the drive when I put one in there.

I’ve tried all sorts of different discs, blanks, movies cd’s etc…

I’ve set the region for the drive, I’ve deleted the filters, I’ve installed/unistalled the drive and nothing.

I went to the Pioneer website to try to find some drivers but as far as i know they dont exist.

I talked to sony and they told me that a dvr drive will work in there. The previous drive that was in there was a dvd reader so I figure the new drive should atleast be able to to do that.

I am really getting pissed off and I have run out of options, anyone have any suggestions?


The burner has to be first correctly connected and installed, recognized by the other hardware, OS and software.

What does the Devicemanager say?

The device manager sees it at Pioneer dvr k16, basically it recognizes the drive.

I meant like does it show some error (smybols)?

No error symbols, as far as the device manager is concerned the drive shows up as I would expect it to show up. When I look at the drive in My Computer it says DVD RAM drive and under Type it says CD Drive.
I don’t understand how in one part of the system the drive shows up as it’s supposed to but under another it doesn’t?

That’s because the crappy exploder has a nasty drive recognition bug…

Hi, I suppose you have it internally connected to the laptop, but just in case, I have one DVR-K16 in an external USB enclosure and same thing happens if I try to power it through the USB ports only… so when the drive does not have enough power, it fails to recognize disks…

Yes, excellent advice!

It is an internal drive so can it still be plauged by the power problem?

So i took out the drive and compared it to my old one; same connector and both at 5V so I dont think it’s a power issue.
I tried starting my computer using a bootable winxp disk, which I know boots cause I have used it on other computers and nothing happened. The computer didn’t even appear to attemp to read the disk so im starting to think now that this is some sort of bios/firmware problem, any suggustions?

So I put in my old drive and I am getting the same error as with the new drive, I am starting to wonder if it is not the drive but something else in the hardware. Does anyone know of any tests that I can run?

Maybe checking your hardware/sys by using tools like Everest or Sandra.

I have trouble with a Pioneer DVR k16 Slim Drive too. I Installed to replace my old rw-cd/dvd-rom. My notebook doesn’t recognize it, I have upgraded the bios running the file I found on manufacter’s website (, but it seems to be an old version of Phoenix which still doesn’t recognize the drive.
It seems to be old because after reading your posts I checked bios version with Everest, and got this:
BIOS type: PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
BIOS Date: 11/15/02
BIOS ID: MEDION M295M BIOS Version: NOTE BIOS Version/L2850100
This information I got from too and if I want to upgrade the bios, I should pay $29.95.
Can I trust this? I don’t mind to pay but I’m worrie if it’s worthy.

Hi przemeklach,
How old is your laptop? Maybe you need to upgrade the bios.

I forgot to tell you that I installed this drive on a Toshiba and it works perfect, I burned DL DVD+R and plays OK, so the problem seems to be my pc…

i am thinking of buying this drive in question here to replace it on a omnibook xt6050, i have no idea what the one inside is , and before i blow my money i wouldnt mind some feed back, good bad, what should i go for some other brand thanks inadvance

Have the DVR K16 and was trying to replace a Toshiba ? cd-2102 on a winbook xl2 - yes old. The Pioneer is a cable select unit not supported by the winbook. I need a unit set for master to use it internally. Will probably stick the K16 in an enclosure. Unless there is a way to modify the K16 firmware and have it seen as a master.

I want to buy this drive to replace my old dvd in toshiba p15 s479.

which toshiba laptop did you install it in…

Any problems… any thoughts…

I just installed a dvr-k06 drive in a Toshiba p30 and it worked fine, no problems at all. and cheap.

purchased thie drive from new egg yesterday and installed it today in a dell b130. i was having some issues with the NEC 6750a in the b130 because the b130 has only one ide channel and the nec was factory set to master. the HD in the laptop was master so the NEC was going to slave which it didnt like so it didnt work. would not burn but would place personally recorded dvds and cds.

the pioneer drive has cable select so it switches to slave by the computer system and all is well. i was at wits end with the nec but this one works and works well. definately recommend for laptops with one ide channel…