Pioneer DVR-K16 or NEC ND-6750A Slim Burner

I can’t decide between these 2 drives. I have no need for the Pioneer’s DVD-RAM burning. All I would like to know is which one is a better burner in general.

Anyone have any imput. I want to order one of these today.

Hi (first post)

I just got today the Pioneer DVR-K16 for my Dell Latitude C810. It seems fine, except that my old DVD-Burner software (Easy CD creator basic 5.3.5v) doesn’t work with this one (it’s too new I think). I may have to upgrade it. I haven’t tried to burn CDs, but it is recognized as a CD burning device

It spins a bit fast, sometimes when insert a CD with a .avi file inside. Plays DVDs reasonably well. Reads data (from CDs).

Well. I decided on the NEC ND-6570a. Thanks for no help people. There is not much info on these drives anyware. I hope I made the right choice.

Good luck with your drive! Keep posting information about it. It’s the only way to create a database - someone has to start it.

Regarding my drive the Pioneer DVR-K16, it was built on Feb 2006 according to the label on the top, hence is very new. Only programs made after or aroud that date have a good chance to recognize it.

As I said in my post above, no burning program that I already had was capable to burn DVDs on my Pioneer DVR-K16. So, I downloaded and installed “Deepburner” (listed at the “free software thread here”). It worked fine burning one DVD-R (4.7 Gb). Now, I’m going to try a regular CD-R (700Mb).

Also I experimented a bit of a hissing noise when playing anything that had audio (either a .avi, .wav, or cd-audios) on the cd-audio channel. I don’t have an idea exactly why, but it never happened with my then-working Toshiba drive. Perhaps somebody can help increase the knowledge there. To avoid the noise, I just muted such channel; it’s a workaround, but because all my cd audios do rip well to mp3s (I just tested, Audiograbber), hence no problem :).

My NEC drive was a sinch to install. So far so good. I wish there was modded firmware for it, but oh well. My TYG01 only reaches 6x on it with its’ current FW and it takes 11:35 sec to burn 4.35gb on TY T02. It is also a slowere ripper than the Samsung dvd lightscribe burner I had in it, but atleast it can burn readable discs.

BTW, if anyone wants to know the drive did come set as master. If you have a secondary IDE channel it is plug and play. If you don’t then you would have to mod it to cable select.

I am using Deepburner for my Pioneer. So far I created one coaster, as a multisession disk (DVD+R, Benq) that never became readable. I think that was a software fault. I realize that if I set the burning speed “manually” to 8X and not just “max”, multisession disks are created (and read) without problem.

So far so good.

An update of my last post:

I bought a 50 DVD+R 16X Benq spindle (it was on promotion, less than 19 loonies). With Deepburner, I started a multisession data DVD. The first DVD of the pack was a coaster. But the next four were ok. And yesterday (and today’s morning) I became really pissed :a when I made six consecutive coasters trying to burn the same (first) mutisession stuff. The coasters were just plain “D:\ is not accessible” and “Incorrect function” when inserted the DVD to read its contents. (Bad block ID7 in Event Viewer).

I was about to go to the store and buy my old (but expensive) Fujifilm, when I decide to give the brand and drive a last chance. I had to rule out possible unseating of the drive, so I turned off the laptop, removed and replaced the DVD tray, and tightened all the screws. Also I turn off the auto CD insertion notification after rebooting.

Well, I tried one more time and it did work. So, since I didn’t follow the “Ceter Paribus” principle, I couldn’t tell who to blame. But if the same rate of coasters evers repeat, I will run off Benq DVDs in no time so I’ll have an excuse to go and try a new different brand. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use multisession on DVD.

Intriguing chef, why is that?

Because it’s not that “good working” as with CD (IMHO).

You mean quality of the burn or efficiency in the use of available space?

More about compatibility with drives/readers and similar.

I would use RWs for such projects.