Pioneer DVR-K15RA (Acer 5000) Locked


I have a acer 5000 laptop in Italy, it was bought in Canada. The drive seems to be locked as in even using device manager and DVD Region Free+CSS Free doesn’t work. The device manager gives me an error which is descriptive as a car salesman trying to sell a emachine computer.

I need to bring this over to region 2 so I can read work off a DVD (They seem to like using DVD’s over here…)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Steve

Locked is locked.

Try with VLC Tool.

Are you sure this is a region control issue? Such things are only for commercial protected DVD-Video, and all other disc types will not be restricted like that. Your drive region designation shouldn’t matter for work data.

I am currently trying an Italian movie… that is what I want. Forget about the work data I can sort out that.

  • Steve