Pioneer DVR-K15 /K05 overburn supporting?



Hi,everyone,I’m new here but i found that is very good forum with a lot of usable info in it.
Have somebody bought or tried Pioneer DVR-K15 or K05 drive?This drive supports overburn or not?Maybe somebody knows links where could be written somethink like that?I called today to Pioneer engineering center in Japan and ask this question,but they told we do not guaranty about overburn so i ask them just to check that drive with nero soft,but they told that is not possible to do so.So i left without knowledge and i still want to buy this drive.Can somebody help about that?I search with google for several hours few days but that wasn’t successful.Or maybe is alternative drive with specs like this one?DVD-RAM support isn’t needed.
Thanks in advance.


Overburn for what, CD or DVD??

Overburning DVD is really not recommended and can really damage a burner, even if it shouldn’t in theory.
Overburning Cd, how far you want to go? 99min?


If possible-both,if not,at least CD overburning,99min will be perfect,90 will do just fine.
New version of Nero supports DVD overburning for something like 2-300MB or maybe even more,so if this drive can do this,it will be more than nice.
I got a call from Pioneer but they talk to me in japanese so if i understood good they told me that when they open the drive properties with Nero it shows that overburning is supported(i forgot to ask for DVD or CD?Sorry,shame,tommorow i’ll try to make another call to get full details in understandable lang.),but when they try to burn it stops right away(no details why or etc.).
And i’m very confused that maker like Pioneer never can mention about overburning possibilities.Unlike Aopen,for all new drives they wrote that overburn is supported.
Maybe is something better than this Pioneer drive for writing speed?


You can test Overburn support with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

To say it again, DVD overburning is not recommended and not very useful.


I know about testing but i can do it only after i pay the money for the drive.I want to know about overburn future before i spend my money not after that.