Pioneer DVR-K15 - doesn't read or burn CDs


I recently bought a DVR-K15 from an ebay-seller. The drive was sold as defect but was recognized from BIOS. For only 15€ I though it is worth the risk and as soon I installed the drive I updated the FW to 1.11 and I can read and burn any DVD without any problems and at full speed (8x). CDs will not be recognized, neither burned, bought )pressed) or empty ones.
I already tried the OEM FW 8.11 but no change.
Any suggestions?


Most likely the cd part is damaged then.

Hi, have joined to resolve a similar problem with my Vaio laptop.

I have no problems playing DVD’s but I cannot read or play CDs. I have removed all sorts of programs that might cause conflict and have left WMP as the only player. Today it recognised a CD, started playing the first track, played about 3 seconds then hung. Have contacted Sony support and they are recommending a full recovery - which is a mission as I would have to back up all my data. It seems quite a simple fix - I simply lack the know how.

I have tried removing and reinstalling the drivers to no avail. If anyone is able to offer suggestions, I would be most pleased. Vaio has about a month of warranty left. Thanks