Pioneer DVR K14L only recognizes burnt media if it is inside the drive durin booting

Hi Guy’s!

My Pioneer DVR K14 L has trouble recognizing burnt DVD’s.

Among the Media that I tried were:

Platinum DVD+R 16x: 10 out of 10 failed (not even readable in other drives, but my brother could burn them in his Toshiba Notebook without any error).

Media that were Burned Ok but are only randomly readable in my drive. But other drives have no problem:

Intenso DVD-R 16x
Intenso DVD+R 16x
Octron DVD-R 16x Manufacturer: RitekG05
TDK: DVD-R 16x Manufacturer ID: TTH02 (Thisone was recommended to be high quality media)

Media that work fine (are always readable):

TDK DVD+R 16x (Don’t remeber the Manufacturer anymore)
Primeon DVD-R 8x (Eventhough I could only burn them with 2x)
Platinum DVD+RW 4x
Platinum CDR 52x

Thats it as far as I remeber.

I wonder if you have heared the sysmptoms that I’m describing before?
The strange thing is that:

  • The Media is recognized in nearly all other drives that I own.

-The Media Is always recognized and plays fine, if the media was inside the drive before booting.

-That the media is recognized if I do not eject it after burning.

-That the media sometimes (but very rarely) is recognised even without a reboot.

-That the media is all right once it is properly recognised by the drive.

-That all media is recognised without any problems as long as it is blank.

This Problem is bugging me for very long now. And I have tried everything from reinstalling XP and other OS to registry hacks that disable autostart, as they are described in several forums across the Internet.

I really hope I will find a solution to that problem.

I of course also sended the drive to the manufacturer but they say it is not the drives error and I should use high quality media.

But it really bugs me that other much cheaper drives have no problem with the media and this in many reviews highly recomended Pioneer drive causes so much frustration for me. :sad:

Please Help!

You only can try to clean the drive.

I did that!

Makes no difference!