Pioneer DVR-K14L Doesn't read anything anymore


I have an notebook with an Pioneer DVR-K14L DVD/RW burner.

I Burned today an DVD image in *.img format with DVDDecrypter. The burning process failed at 10 % because Decryper couldn’t write some sector but Decryper kept on trying to burn that sector. Afte a few hours i canceled the burning process and Decryper finalised the DVD. After that i checked the DVD and i could only play a few minutes of the DVD. Then i wanted to burn the same *.img again but now on an DVD/RW.
There were other files on that DVD/RW that i wanted to delete now before i test the burn process on that DVD/RW.
But for some reason the DVD drive couldn’t read the DVD/RW. I tried another DVD/RW and that couldn’t be read either then i tried my windows xp cd and that couldn’t be read either.
Only thing that could be read was that half burned DVD. But now the DVD drive even can’t read this DVD anymore.
There comes no error message.

I thought that maybe there is some driver problem. SO i bootd with the CD in the drive. But the system can’t read the cd during boot either.

Please help. What has happened to my DVD drive??


I have the same problem. I have a Sony Vaio K35 with a Pioneer DVR-K14L that doesn’t read cd nor dvd anymore. And of course I can’t burn anything either. I’m trying to look for the firmware but can’t find it…(no update available but I thought I could find the original)

Please someone help!

Here again:

Firmware cannot resolve hardware issues!

same here
it’s a shitty dvd writer

I doubt it.
Fact is that it is an OEM model, has an OEM firmware.
And using different media will give different results…

OK I’m Back!

I sended my Notebook to medion service and they replaced the Drive.

Now it reads and burnes again except my Platinum DVD+R’s.

The firmware is now 1.0

But Medion released a new firmware

this drive.

But for the Wim 2030 Model of the notebook.

Anyone knows if it is save to apply this firmware to my MD 95300 Notebook (Model MIM 2030 MP).

Anyone has already tried it?

What says the Medion support?

I applyed it and it updated the firmware. But the DVD+R reading error still exists.

Strange thing is, that PowerDVD plays the DVD, if the DVD was inside the Drive before Boot. (Explorer still doesn’t see content on the DVD).

If i eject and reinsert the DVD, then not even PoowerDVD recognizes the DVD anymore, unless i reboot with the DVD inside. But other DVD’s are recognized instantly without reboot.

I also found out, that DVD+R’s burned in other Burners are recognized without any trouble.

Medion Help was usefull like shit. They just kept on asking useless stuff and didn’t have a clue. They told me to send the notebook back again which will cost me again 10€ and two weeks.

Please help.

BTW: I also tryed Intenso DVD+R’s which I successfully have burned and used with this Burner before all this mess started. But I still get this error. So it can’t be media related.

It is OS/software/driver related issue, AFAIK.

Uninstall both IDE channels and the drive entries in Devicemanager, then reboot.
Remove such tools as Alcohol and CloneDVD, also their Virtual Drives and Packet-Writing software. Disable the IMAPI Burn Engine in xp.
Also follow the HOW TO link in my sig.

Well i don’t know.

I also have this Problem on a freshly installed Windows 2000 Installation on the same System.

I think it might be just bad Media.

But I have tried two different Brands and Manufacturers.

Both have this issue.

But DVD-R and CD’s work just fine.

Intenso DVD media is no good choice, they constantly change their media sources.

What else schould i use?

Recommended media of course, like from TY, Verbatim, TDK and SONY.


Issue solved!

The Media was Bad.

I just burned the stuff with the same settings and everything on a TDK DVD+R and everything works fine now.

The TDK cost twice as much as the Platinum stuff, but they at least do their Job.

I can’t believe it. The whole 10 Disc Pack of Platinum is a pile of shit. I wasted more DVD’s in the last four days than in the last four years.
I learned my lesson and will avoid +R media in the future. I just had to make sure that my Burner is all right because of the guaranty you know!

But thank God my Burner is all right.