Pioneer DVR-K12RA (laptop) won't read burnt DVDs

I have an Acer Aspire 1356 laptop with a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA optical drive.

The problem is, that it can’t start/run a BUNRT DVD-R or DVD+RW (haven’t tried DVD+R nor DVD-RW), I have tried a blank DVD-R and it recognizes it as such (nero opens, etc…).

The fact is, that the drive tries to start the DVD several times, before it stops after few seconds (some noise is noticed when it tries to start it up), then, it is like there was no DVD in the unit, nothing was recognized.

It can read commercial DVDs, but not burnt DVDs.
It can also read CD’s, CD-Rs.

I have tried uninstalling all burning applications, but it doesn’t work, even after a fresh windows re-install, so it can’t be a software problem.

I was thinking that it may be a firmware problem?
I have used a DVD lens cleaner several times and nothing.

As I’m getting desperate, i’m thinking of taking apart the unit and inspect it (warranty is expired), but it’s not as easy as that, as it is a laptop, so I would like to hear some advice from you before doing so :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

This is NOT a firmware problem.
It is a software/driver issue!

Thanks for the answer.

The fact is that, it started to happen some while ago, but I just had to pass the lens cleaner DVD a couple of times and it fixed it.
Now i can pass the lens cleaner thousands of times, but no way to start the burnt DVD-R’s.

So, if it was a software/driver problem, what could I do? I hace uninstalled all burining/reading DVD applications, and I have the latest motherboard drivers, etc…

Even before windows starts, if i have a burnt DVD-R, it makes the same symptoms.

I’m getting confused :confused:

The Os installation is bugg0red.

I’m sorry, but I can confirm that is not correct.

Even when i’m in the BIOs, and I insert a DVD disc, the unit presents the same symptoms (makes same noises, tries to recognize de disc, but fails), while CD discs are immediatly recognized (no noises, etc).
BTW, i’ve always been using this OS disc, and i’ve done a fresh install few days ago.

This has been progressive, started a while ago, and has been getting worse and worse, and no it doesn’t read DVD-Rs at all.

So if there’s something I can do with some software/driver/firmware, please, tell me, I won’t reinstall OS, as i have done it few days ago and nothing changed.
Otherwise i have no other option than take apart the laptop and clean the dvd unit by myself.

Thanks in advance.

I have this exact same problem, except my drive is a Pioneer DVR-SK12D, which i think is the external version of yours.

The problem started out being itinerant, solving itself pretty fast. This time the problem stayed, and the drive would not read any kind of dvd except original ones.

It could write to dvd’s without any problems, but wouldn’t read them. Windows would claim that there’s a disk in the drive, RAW formatted, with no data.

Tried to reinstall drivers. Didn’t work.

Tried to flash the drive. Didn’t work

Tried to use a cleaner DVD. Didn’t work.

As a last resort, while i was in fact writing this post, i opened the drive and blew a sharp breath onto the lens.

And that was it, I guess?!

Did you find another solution?

Since when is the shrubby exploder windows?
If a drive can burn a media, it will read it too.
Burn with verify and you’ll see.

The only solution is a completely new OS installation.

I have the same problem on my Toshiba Equium. The same Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA aswell.

It burns to blank DVD’s without a problem but it doesn’t read the exact disc it burned to, which is weird. It sayd theres no disc in the drive.

The disc can be read on other computers ,though, so it’s not a verification issue.

Anyone found a fix or am i looking at buying a new laptop. I was about to spend over £100 to have the power connection fixed so lucky it’s happened now.

If possible, try the OS re-installation path.

Well, after taking appart the DVD unit by myself, removing some dust, cheching that everything is allright, the unit is still unable to recognize any written DVD media (still reads “non-burned-by-user” DVD media).

Now it doesn’t even write DVDs (didn’t try with CDs), it says “Internal target failure”, according to the burning software Logs.

Anyway, I’ve reinstalled the OS, and there was no change at all; even tried to install with a different OS copy than the one I use regulary.

I don’t see any other solution about this drive.
So my vision on this is: buy a new DVD writter, as this one is semi-broken, as my Playstation2 drive did in some past (stopped reading CDs, while still reading DVDs, very similar symptoms as this one).

Thanks for your time.

I resolved the same problem on my computer !!!

I had Exactly the same problem with pioneer DR-K12RA installed on a ACER Aspire 1356LMi.
I can burn DVDs but these DVD can be read in another computer, not in mine ! RAAAAA. It’s like a Blank RAW DVD with nothing inside.

So I wonder if it was a Software problem, Hardware problem?!
And I saw that lot of people had the same problem, they tried to update firmware…nothing, to reinstall windows…nothing,to uninstall nero&dvd application…nothing, to update motherboard drivers or aspi drivers…nothing.
So thank you for the shortcut, I wanted to try these things but reading your posts I decided not trying this (loose time)Everybody ever tried this.

I tried another thing and my Pioneer works now! GREAT :
I opened the drive and without touching the LENS (BE CAREFUL!), I moved backward the piece (the piece was near the center) along a sort of rail where the lens is fixed without touching it.

I don’t know if I am lucky or something like that but now it works.

Please POST something to say if you DVD works now.


Hey marcoo77

Although I have the Pioneer DVR-K14L, ALL the issues dicussed by yourself and EVERYONE else have been experienced by me. The drive never used to behave like this so why now? Did anything I asked of it for 18 months. :sad:
I needed to try what you suggested. :clap:
Have fiddled with this movebale component before SO tried just once more and NOTHING. :disagree:
Therefore need to advise that I believe you were just lucky and good on you!
No such luck for me though. :eek:
Have been emailed by Sony (notebook manufacturer) to contact Pioneer about my drive. It is an OEM - no software, no manual NO NUTTIN’
Don’t expect any satisfaction from Pioneer either and will purchase a USB external for now.
Without guys out there like you I’d be lost so THANX
And I hope your drive continues to soldier on for you.


Pioneer is not the OEM and therefore has not to make any support.