Pioneer DVR K12D



Can Anyone Assist ?

I cannot record DVD+R or DVD+RW on this Drive

vendor/manufactureer says that it is a +/_ drive



That is indeed strange, cos I do not burn other media than +r on this drive. What media are you using ?


I was using TDK , but these were not recording now I have been advised to use “Imation” DVD+R and so far these work ok, but I have not used the RW version of the disk so am still no sure if they will work

many thanks to all who have helped me , it seems that it is a disc issue and not a software/hardware one


got the same drive and it’s tempremental as hell.

can record to +r (sonys) but then can’t read them in the drive. tried the burnt disks in other pcs and settops and they work fine.

any ideas?


Your OS/Software config is crapped.


had the same problem here (only with dvd-media though, cds worked just fine). i could fix it by cleaning the drive with a can of “airspray” (high pressure air). i think one of the lasers wasn’t adjusted right (?), but … the dvds that were burnt before could be read again afterwards. :slight_smile: