Pioneer DVR-K05 / K15

If you make a search on Google with keyword “DVR-K05”, you will find various links :

NTI Tech

And even more for “DVR-K15” :wink:

Does somebody know when we can expect to find in our stores these newly released (but not yet announced…) Slim DVD writers ?


Translation provided by Google… :slight_smile:

“Guarantee: 1 year. 2005/2/25 sales. Tray system. DVD±R X8, DVD±R DL X4 (? Concerning the R at the firmware correspondence schedule), the DVD+RW X8 (in regard to 8 time fast media DL, at the firmware correspondence schedule), the DVD-RW X6, the DVD-ROMX8, the CD-RX24, the CD-RWX240, the CD-ROMX24 and the buffer capacity 2MB”

I think I want one. :slight_smile: Would make a nice upgrade into my Dell Inspiron 8100. :iagree:

DVR-K15 is already available.

JSL: Where ya find it? Anywhere in the U.S. ?


For example:

Just got the DVR-K15 with my Acer Inspire 3000 laptop. It comes with firmware 1.04. Anyway to extract the firmware or where to find a new version. This is my first Pioneer drive ever.

dtog mentioned that he would like to install this on his Dell Inspiron 8100. I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 that I would like to do the same. Is this going to be straight forward or will there need to be some creative fitting? My thoughts were that Dell notebooks have a different face plate that has a built in retractable eject lever. Will I be able to keep this feature or will I need to forget about it and just go with what the DVR-K15 comes with?

Hi. I have a problem with my dvr-k05. No burn x8 DVD+R!! I prove a DVD+R BestBuy x8 Compatible and a DVD+R Traxdata x8 compatible with Nero Burning Rom but only burn at x4.

I have the latest 1.03 firmware version. How is the problem? Can you burn DVDs at x8??


The latest firmware for the K-15 is 1.11, see here.

chef the latest k15 firmware work at dvr-k05?

nobody here??

Sorry, i have no idea if it would.
Is the K-05 the OEM variant of the K-15 or vice versa?

Do you know DVRFlash 2.1?
Could you run it as “DVRflash -v X:” where X: is to be replaced with the correct driveletter?

k05 is slot loading, k15 is tray. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try a k15 firmware on a k05…

Once you get a slot-load optical drive for your laptop, you’ll never go back. So much easier on an airplane… no flimsy tray to break off. It’s great to see that Pioneer finally offers one. I bought a Matsushita CDRW recently waiting for a decent slot-load DVD writer to come along. Nothing more “decent” than Pioneer for my money!


PS: Here’s some more stores that are carrying it:

Again, that dump from DVRFlash would be useful. I would also need a link to a firmware file for the drive to add support.

Hi, I’m thinking about replacing the lousy optical drive in my Asus Laptop with the Pioneer DVR-K15.

Could the folks who have this drive tell me whether it works well with Nero?

Also, what speed does the drive start off with when reading and writing CD-R’s? I know the max is 24X but what does it start with? 10X? 12X? 16X? Slower?

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

I replaced the combo drive in my Dell 9300 with the K-15. The combo drive was a poor cd-r reader. As for the K-15 it reads everything and the lowest quality score I have had so far with nero cd-dvd speed is 95. Cd-r’s I have burned start at 24x fuji branded Taio Yudens. Dvd-r’s started slow than sped up the quality score was 95 on the last dvd-r (memorex branded fujifilm). I have 3 burners Pioneer Dvr-108, Liteon 1693SX and the Pioneer K-15 So far the best quality burns are from the little slimline K-15. I did upgrade the firmware to 1.11 right away. The Install on my laptop took all of 5 minutes tops, perfect fit. Quality score on the last cd-r by the way was 99.

Thanks for the reply. That CD-R write speed is amazing. My current drive starts burning CD-R’s at 10X and doesn’t get to 24X until it’s practically at 700MB. On reading back the Fuji Taiyo Yuden’s I have burned, my current drive starts at 7X and creeps up to about 16X, if I’m really lucky on that day. I’m dumbfounded that my current drive reads back slower than it writes.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to replace my current drive with, and while doing research, I came across info on the DVR-K15 and DVR-K05, but until now nowhere did I find what the write start speed was on CD-R’s.

Could you please tell me what the read start speed is for CD-R’s and CD-ROMs? I don’t think my Asus Laptop will dissamble and reassemble as easily as your Dell, and before I go on a long quest to find disassembly and reassembly instructions for it somewhere on the internet, I want to be fairly sure that I am improving the read speeds also.

Thanks for all of your help.

The read speed varies according I would guess to the quality of the cd-r. some start at 10.9 and rise to 24 others sit at around 10. did a couple more cdr test burns both had quality ratings of 99. The slow reading cd-r’s I had were older burns made by my pioneer dvr108.It seams to be a great drive if your not having problems with your current drive you may not want to mess with it. But it was a no brainer for me. Notebook drives at least for now arent going to compete with a desktop drive as far as reading and writing speed, they just cant make them spin as fast reliably. It also works great with nero.

Thanks ohwell.

I’m wondering, when you say that CD-R burns of Fuji Taiyo Yuden’s run from start to finish at 24X, is that when you are just doing a normal data CD burn in Nero Burning Rom, or when you use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed program from the Nero Toolkit?

The reason I ask is it just occurred to me that when you have buffer underrun protection enabled during a normal data CD burn, it always says the maximum speed in the Nero Burning Rom window whether or not it is actually running that fast.

When you burn a data CD with the Nero CD-DVD Speed program from the Nero Toolkit it actually graphs the real burn speed.

It just seemed odd to me that the read speed would vary, but the write speed was constant.

Thanks again for your help.