Pioneer DVR-K05 compatible with Toshiba notebook?

Hi, I have a Toshiba m115-s3094 with a :Z matSH1Ta UJ-841s :Z dvd-ram drive which is region locked and from what I can find online there is NO WAY to change this for this drive (no firmware exists…)

So I am looking at replacing this drive, and the best drive I have found (I think anyway) is a Pioneer DVR-K05… It is slot-loading which is nice but not necessary.

I am curious about the following: I have read that many slim-line dvd drives do not have any hardware way to choose master or slave and that this causes compatibility issues with certain laptops… I also read that some slim dvds have dip-switches to change master-slave… Can anyone tell me more about this issue? I am sick of the matcrapo drive and want to change it out!

Also, if you have any other suggestions as to drives, please let me know. Mine is 12.7mm, btw


Regarding the region locked, you may try AnyDVD to unlock it.

Thank you Castros, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with my drive. In fact, nothing seems to work with it. Dont know for sure, but I think it is all MatSHITa drives. Tried AnyDVD and DVD region + CSS free. I recently found out about DVD43 (some people reported that it worked for their Mat drives), but unfortunately this also does not work for me. So I am looking to replace this with something more useful.
Any help/suggestion is much appreciated.

Nope, will not work aswell as any other software solution.