Pioneer Dvr-AO6U troubles

I have been having big troubles with my Pioneer DVD drive -

  1. Can not get it to burn dvd’s - it goes thru the process but data verification fails - maybe 30% are correct, 60% incorrect, some missing. The files are on the disk, but damaged - these are mostly Photoshop files, and on opening them Photoshop gives an error message that pixels are damaged - due to faulty drive / incorrect peripheral cable termination, or scratched disk.

  2. Also fails to read CDs, DVDs consistently - can see the files but cannot complete an install - it claims the .cab files are corrupt - but I can load the disks fine on my old Lite-On CD drive.

I sent the drive back to Pioneer for servicing as I thought the drive itself was faulty, but they have returned it saying all is fine - but I still can’t get it to work!
Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?

I have an AMD Athlon processor, about 3 years old, Shuttle AK12A motherboard - 1048K RAM, free hard drive space of c. 100G…
seems like all should work but doesn’t - Is this really a drive problem? Or something w/ motherboard? Have no idea, any help would be appreciated…

I just bought a new opened package of the pioneer DVR AO6U…Still waiting for it’s arrival…It is missing the software that would normally come with the unit as well as the IDE cable…The sofware is the concern…How can I obtain the neccessary requirements to run the hardware, and what what would the best editing software be…Thanks

You cannot say “it won’t burn” if verification only fails.
Use good & reliable media - that’s the biggest point.