Pioneer DVR-AO5 cannot read its own discs?

I have recently installed the Pioneer DVR-A05 i tried to back up a movie using DVD x COPY it read the original no problem and created the back up with no errors or warnings (used a White Top DVD-r that when id checked says is RITEKG03 1x)

But the writer cannot play the movie and neither can my standalone dvd player jumps and bad blocks…but my PS2 plays the discs no problem.

I retried creating the back up using the supplied Pioneer 1-4x dvd but this too cannot be played on AO5 or standalone Pc.

I can run individual VOB sections on the pc from the disc but they sound lags slightly like its been poorly dubbed.

any help or advice much appreciated.



hi pal i to had the same problems with the a05 but i then upgraded the ‘firmware’ if you log onto & look through the firmware you’ll find the latest firmware which will upgrade your 105/a05,but be wary as bad flashing can damage your driver !!!
Allso dont use any other software for recording but the latest version of nero burning rom you can download this from
Nero has been tryed & tested you can even ‘copy on the fly’ if you have a dvd-rom allso upgrade your drivers for your dvd-rom that should get you going M8:bigsmile: