Pioneer DVR-A12XLB to US?

What’s up with Pioneer?
The latest Retail version avilable in the US was the A09.
Since then the A10XL and the A11XL have been released and never touched the US.
And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different with the A12XLB. :sad:
I’ve seen other members on here with these drives that are in the US.
Is there a secret store I don’t know about or something?
I definitely want to get my hands on this and the 760SA as secondary.
Anyone know if these are available overseas?

The latest retail drive in the US is the DVR-1810 which is the retail version of the 112D:,,2076_310070061_394322650,00.html

It’s available at Best Buy for $64.99 which is the retail version of the 112D. :wink:

I think he wants the fancy front bezel which the boring 112D definately doesn’t have. I have had all my burners behind a cover on the front of my case though am thinking of changing cases to full open front meaning the front of the bezel is going to be clearly visible. I would love to get my hands on the fancy front bezelled version of the 112 just for the looks alone.

if you can get the A09/A10 cheap anywhere, then the bezel fits on the 112, thats what i have on mine

good call however finding those units is impossible too unfortunately.

BTW, does it fit overtop or do you have to actually remove the old one? If so how is it done and is it hard to do?

There are some A12XL drives on ebay. The faceplates are easy to remove; I took the one off of my A09XLC and put it on the 11D@A11 I have.

just remove the old one and fit the A09/A10 one, its easy