Pioneer DVR-A09XL will not be sold in Europe



Had a quick mail with Pioneer today and got the disappointing information that Pioneer DVR-A09XL will not be sold in Europe.

Only the OEM/Bulk version without software will be available here, Model DVR-109D.

Disappointing as the DVR-109D looks way more boring and has less features (can’t use the quiet mode on the DVR-109D if I’m right as one example).


That doesn’t make too much since. What kind of Marketing policy is this? What is the actual price difference bewteen XLA and A models?


Would also mean less incentive to make a hacked firmware for the DVR-A09XL :frowning: Seems most of the firmware hacks come from Europe?


But will a Piodata version be offered that automatically bitsets DVD+R SL and DL?


I would be willing to bet yes, but that boaring OEM face plate… D’Oh. Wish Pioneer itself would allow bit setting on all drives.


I not care on looks, its behind a door on my case and noise reducing software not needed here id rather have performance, not as if i sleep while im writing at 16x and its not noisey playing a movie esp with 7.1 speakers going.

Bit setting is for older standlones i not had any issues on any players yet, old or new, cheap or expensive.


This is quite strange…might have to look into this a little.


OC-Freak, no offence, but what about a “proof” for such an info?!

First you ditch the DVR-109 before it’s available and now this info. A coincidence?

I personally think that info is BS, BC and not true.


I too know for a fact that A09XL will NOT be sold in Europe… I work for a Pioneer distributor you see, and Pioneer Europe is releasing DVR-109 ONLY from the end of this month with NO plan for A09XL till summer… :sad:



But… [b]time out for a second.

[/b]In Australia, the NEC ND-3500AG was never officially released, supported by NEC or even market-supplied to wholesalers.

Now - one has to ask - “how did this drive become the second best selling DVD recorder of its generation in Oz?” without any support, advertising or promotion from NEC?

Simple. Importation and sale as a result of informed demand.

Logically, it extends to Europe in the sense that if people want a product - they will ask for it. More to the point, the fact that Pioneer might not have the A09 out for a while officially does NOT detract from the ability of the consumer to own the product ultimately.

OC, I am respectful and mindful that you are not a fan of Pioneer mate, but just think about what I have said. It holds true in Australia and Asia. Would it be drawing the bow too far to suggest that it holds true in your region also?


Nothing else than the mail I got from my contact person @ Pioneer:

Dear Tor,

I trust that you are well…

I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2005 to you.

This is no problem…

I can tell you that we will only be selling the DVR-109 (bulk model) here in Europe,
so I will happily arrange to send you a DVR-109 for you to review.

FYI - We will not be selling the DVR-A09XL (retail model with s/w bundle).

We are expecting for our 1st shipment of DVR-109’s to arrive in our warehouse around
the end of this month and I have already requested for some of these drives to be allocated
for press and reviewers.

I will duly arrange to send one over to you just as soon as they arrive here in Europe.

With best regards for now Tor,


xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Product Planning / Technical Support Engineer (Components)
Pioneer Europe NV - Multimedia Division

Direct +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mobile +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fax +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
E-Mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pioneer Europe NV - Multimedia Division,
Pioneer House, Hollybush Hill,
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire,
SL2-4QP, U.K.

Well - if you do not believe me - why not ask pioneer for yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:

About pre-judging it…well, my first drive was an pioneer OEM (memorex) DVR-106D - and to be honest it was GREAT.

But unfortunately both DVR-107D (Poor writing quality, slower speeds than others in some areas) and DVR-A08XLA (Extremely poor media compatibility, will not write at 16x even on media certified for 16x by pioneer, Z-CLV and slower speeds than competition in several areas).

So - yes, I doubt pioneer have caught up with these issues yet - and looking at the specs they do indicate so as well, only 40x CD-Writing is one indication - most(Benq DW1625/Plextor PX716/NEC ND-35x0A/Lite-On/AOpen) other new drives come with 48x CD-Writing.

But sure, let’s hope that pioneer DO manage to get it right this time :slight_smile:




Nice! :slight_smile:

Seems like Pioneer don’t control the importing of this drive to Europe then :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks OC-Freak for the supplied info. :wink:

Mh, have you tested some SONY -R or +R rated media?
They can be burnt at 16x even with standard firmware. No need for me to get 16x rated discs because of this.


Sony08d1 8x DVD-R = can select 16x - but it never upshift to 16x. It writes 12x all the way to the end. (verified with Nero (reg hack to show actual speed) and nero CD-Speed create data disc).


i know its Funny that NEC never has annance the NEC-3500A in oz aleast in sydney :cool: …and don’t know why but they got office in epping station lo :bigsmile: …may be we have to drop down there and pay them some visit :cool: …but sure NEC does sale quit alots in oz because of alots of crazy store here (MSY) :bigsmile: …price competition is huge here :eek:


The bulk version is available in Holland within 3-5 days (according to one of the greatest internetshops, but it’s always a question if they will have it).


Have you made a test with DVDDecrypter too? :wink:
The Z-CLV only is a sucky thing but regardless from that, what most counts for me is the burning quality.


True - same here. But I prefer a drive that can do that as well as CAV/P-CAV writing and bitsetting :wink:

BenQ DW1620A is the best example of such a drive. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve asked a few sellers/retailers and they told me that the XL drive will be sold in Europe starting end of February.
Another indicator for that is that also the A09XL firmware is now avaiilable from the European Pioneer Site!