Pioneer DVR-A09XL drive recognized, doesn't read anything

Hi all,

Sorry for the newbieness here. I’m really embarrassed that I can’t figure this out. Bought the A09SL burner yesterday and couldn’t get it to work and I’m on the second one so I’m guessing it’s something on my end. Set this new drive to master, my old NEC to slave, plugged it all in and turned on the computer. I’m running Win XP. Anyway, the system recognized it and it does show up under Nero, Win DVD, etc. However, it’s running very slow, and can only play CDA music files. It can view file folders on most DVDs, but cannot open or play them. Doesn’t read a CD-RW at all. Can see the file folders and mp3s on a CD-R but that’s it.

I tried to update the firmware from 1.17 to any of the newer ones, but get a message that “The firmware of target drive is not correct F/W. Thes firmware is not supported by this program.”

I’ve also tried taking out the slave drive entirely, switching the power, ide, and audio cables to see if that was the problem. Also tried taking off the Windows CD recording off/on, etc. “DMA if available” is also turned on.

The only thing that seems off is that when I do look at the properties/hardware, it lists the drive as a “PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109”. One of the other threads mentioned that the A09XL is just a fancier version than the 109, but should it say that it’s an A09?

Any help would be appreciated. :bow:


“A09SL” - probably you mean the XL version. In this case you have to update with the XL version package.
Try the drive connected alone as MASTER and use a UDMA 80-wire IDE cable!
“PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109” is the correct ID.

Thanks chef! Yeah, I had the stupid 40-wire and didn’t even realise it until I started counting…went over to Fry’s, got the 80-wire and it works great! :stuck_out_tongue:


pioneer 109 external burner

need help have tried to many discs and i either get an error on dvd machine when played back or skips between chapters need to know what discs will eventually work.


Could be the chipset from the external not working properly or the media you are trying to playback…
What media have you tried with so far?