Pioneer DVR-A09XL/CDR Audio Coasters

I have a pioneer DVR-A09XL and having problems with burning audio CDRs. I have tried TDKs XA CD-R Audio Recordable for Music, For Consumer discs and also Sony’s CDRs. It has a very high failure rate. I normally burn at the the maxium speed, using Winamp or Nero.

I don’t think it is the burner because I tried mine friends DVR109 and one Sony DVD Burner, same problem again.

I have also got iTunes on my system, could this be causing problems?

The file format is .mpc not mp3. Could this be causing culprit? This formate is failing every time. But I had problems burning .mp3 files as well.

Speed could be the problem, is there a software which can detects the speed of the CDRS you should burn? I will try lowering the speed?

Thanks in advance.